Krody’s Difficulty Rating Scale

Treant1 Twig = Simple Tank & Spank, very little for anyone to do
TreantTreant2 Twigs = A couple mechanics that need to be done correctly most of the time
TreantTreantTreant3 Twigs = A dps check fight or mechanic(s) that really shouldn’t be messed up
TreantTreantTreantTreant4 Twigs = Mechanics must be done correctly, Lots of movement likely
TreantTreantTreantTreantTreant5 Twigs = Everyone needs to be on top of everything!
TreantTreantTreantTreantTreantTreant6 TWIGS = Someone clearly pissed off a raid developer, and this is their nightmarish revenge. One simple misstep can wipe the raid.